"Are you frustrated trying to get To-Do's done, overcome procrastination, deal with interruptions,
AND find time for you?"

How are you doing?


Interruptions, email, clutter, text, meetings, and phone calls pulling you away from what's important?


Are you trying to keep up with technology, learning new skills, and changing priorities BUT end up more frustrated?


Putting in more time AND your list keeps getting longer?

Hugh Culver

Let's face it, we are in an AGE OF DISTRACTION and it can be exhausting.

I'VE BEEN THERE. As an ambitious business owner, dedicated father, committed husband, AND someone who loves to get the most from life there is NEVER enough time!
That's why I have dedicated the last five years to rebuilding my thinking, goals, systems, and habits with time. And now I want to show you HOW TO CREATE REAL RESULTS AND A RICH LIFE.

The Time Freedom Program

7 day online training course that can change your results, your wealth and your life.

The Freedom Formula solves an age-old problem: how to get all the right stuff done  AND enjoy a rich life.

Many "time management" programs focus on how to be more EFFICIENT: getting more work done in the same amount of time. The Time Freedom Formula shows you how to be more EFFECTIVE: make better decisions and complete the right work (with less effort.)

This unique learning program is based on my research with over 20,000 managers, employees, and entrepreneurs who now use this program.
AND it follows the proven framework of my Amazon best-selling book Give Me a Break - The art of making time work for you.

It works because it has been tested and proven to work. And now it will work for you.


Three years ago I was a different person

Stressed out, working long hours, and on the road over 100 days a year. I wasn't happy. Sure, my business was successful, but I wasn't.

I had just turned 50 and I felt like I couldn’t afford to sacrifice any more family time or health. I had to get a grip on my crazy work load, sloppy planning, and procrastination habits.

Within three months I had made some dramatic decisions. I stopped drinking coffee, I started running again and going to the gym. I also got very clear about what was important.

That year I took three fantastic vacations with my family, wrote and published Give Me a Break, trained for and won the world’s longest endurance race, doubled my income, and enjoyed more free time and good health than I can remember.

It was incredible!

And now I want YOU to learn how to create time freedom in your work and life.


All you need is about 15 minutes a day to watch the video, follow the instructions, and start enjoying the results!

Here is what you get in the seven-day Time Freedom Formula Program:

Day 1

Unpack busy - you have to stop being busy and be determined to create your ideal day.

Day 2

Super Goals - learn how to build goals that inspire and drive you to make better decisions.

Day 3

New Windows - discover the fastest way to open a new window in your mind and embrace new possibilities.

Day 4

Plan like a pilot - start thinking and planning one week at a time to avoid distractions and follow your flight plan.

Day 5

Super Systems - design and automate routines to reduce effort and improve delivery consistency.

Day 6

Super Habits - reduce procrastination and improve your results with habits that
serve you every day.

Day 7

Get Started - get momentum by committing to action and celebrating your

What's The Price?

I am totally confident this will be one of the best investments you can make in your career and life.

7 Days to create
Time Freedom


Unlimited Access Forever
Seven-Module E-Course
100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

People are talking about the

K. Preston, Crown Currugated Company

"You have ignited a fire under me and totally pumped me up again – I am looking at my day with an entirely new light."

K. Byers, Hilton Worldwide

"It was GREAT and I’ve made a list of action items."

L. Tremblay, HR Manager

"I want everyone in our department to implement these strategies!"


"I was the overwhelmed home school mom, now I feel energized and ready to tackle anything."

J. Hurley, Investors Group

"will share this with fellow co-workers who also struggle to manage their time effectively."

S. Ostropolski, Pareto Systems

"I can't tell you how many clients, friends and family members I've referred to your program."


"I thought if I can get one gem from this program, I'm doing well. I think I stopped counting!"

K. Clark, United Way

"I just returned to work from maternity leave and your program has been one of the keys to my successful transition."


"Ten months later and I am still sticking with a formula that is working for me!"

Yes! I want more time freedom!



  • This is a digital course. On registration you will get the complete program. We are delivering to you in a digital format so that we keep this program updated for you.

  • The course is design to be taken over seven days. We recommend you complete within that time so that you can get the maximum impact of the program. But, you will have Unlimited Access Forever so you can review any part of the program as many times as you like.

  • Over 20,000 people have already enjoyed learning my models. Most people experience a dramatic and immediate change in terms of: more organized, less distracted, more time on important projects, and even more energy.

  • Absolutely! My programs were all originally designed for people who are employed. Regardless of your role or title, you will learn how to manage distractions, and be more deliberate with your time.

  • Absolutely! This program is all about focus and getting results. As a self-employed person you have to create your own goals and overcome distractions. This program will teach you how be more effective and make better choices.

  • First, I would be surprised. But, if for any reason (within the first 90 days) it does not work for you just send us a note with the reason why and we will happily give you a full refund.

My Bonus Offer to You

As a special bonus offer for you. As soon as you click to register for the Time Freedom Formula Program, I will send you two bonus ebooks for free:

"My InBox is FULL
How to get off email and back to priorities"
(value $20)

"Stop Procrastinating Today!
8 fast strategies to get you from avoiding to doing to DONE." (value $20)

I have one wish for you

My greatest wish is that you break free of procrastination, indecision, and work overload, and start to enjoy real results and a rich life.

Sound good? Well, let’s get started. Click the button below to get started.


I have tested, tweaked, and updated this program so I know it works. But if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with the results, just let us know within 90 days and we will gratefully send you a complete refund (plus you can keep the bonus ebooks as my gift to you!)

Yes! I want more time freedom!